"Not all who wander are lost." -- J.R.R. Tolkien

Laos Travel Survival Kit

"Essential reading for anyone heading to this largely unexplored Southeast Asian country. Cummings, a veteran Lonely Planet writer, warns readers about noisy hotel discos, notes that the marijuana stands in Vientiane's Morning Market 'have been removed from prominent display' and explains that 'like many places in Asia, every two-lane road has an invisible third lane down the middle that all drivers feel free to use at any time'."

The Palm Beach Post

"Lonely Planet at its best."

Orange Country Register

[In reference to Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia, from which Laos was later separated, and to the third edition of LP's China:]

"In the current season's batch of books, the writer who stands out is Joe Cummings, who has done some serious economic, political and social homework. He . . . wrote the Laos section of Vietnam Laos & Cambodia, but unfortunately did not write the rest of the book, which is not as well informed. Cummings himself is not a radical, but he has enough experience in the third world to understand why one might become one."


"Everything you could possibly need to know about Laos - the wildlife, architecture, transportation, even how to order an Ovaltine."

USA Today

"Sure to become a familiar sight on the boulevards of Vientiane."

Australian Bookseller & Publisher

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